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Who we are

We're the Republican constituents of Wyoming County in northeastern Pennsylvania. We're organized to support Republican candidates who believe in the GOP values of a strong, free, and prosperous America here in Wyoming County, across Pennsylvania, and nationwide. See our Republican Commitment to America and follow us on Facebook.

We are located in PA's 9th District of the US Congress. In the PA State Assembly, we're in the 110th Legislative District and 20th Senatorial District. 

 Wyoming County is Republican Country! 

What we believe

"Republicans believe in liberty, economic prosperity, personal accountability, preserving American traditions, and maintaining the American dream for every citizen of this great nation. As a party, we support policies that seek to achieve those goals. 

Our Republican Commitment to America is centered on energy independence, stimulating economic growth for all Americans, protecting constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms, ensuring the integrity of our elections, maintaining our national security, and preserving America's greatness for our children.

The Republican Party's legacy -- founded in 1854 to end slavery -- compels us to patriotically defend America's values. As the left attempts to destroy what makes America great, the Republican Party is standing in the breach to defend our nation and way of life." 

Get specific in what we stand for in Pennsylvania here.

 What we do

We meet to share information and boost the success of Republican candidates. We raise funds in a variety of ways to help local and statewide candidates. We hold dinners, silent auctions, golf tournaments, and invite folks to advertise in our event program booklets.

We contribute to our endorsed candidates' campaigns and do our own advertising in print media and at local fairs and parades. Many times our contributions are matched statewide and we're proud to partner with other Pennsylvania counties.  Join us!

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Wyoming County PA Republican Committee
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